Gift Guide For The Holidays |

Everyone loves a unique gift that they can dress up or dress down. Our Donna Vinci 35th Anniversary Knit Dress (13127) is now FREE with any purchase of a Donna Vinci Knit, and makes for a perfect gift.

Clutch bags are great because you can spend as much or as little on one (or two)! And they go great with any suit or dress in your friends or family members’ wardrobe.  Opt for an all-over bling bag for the super divas, or an oddly shaped clutch for the eccentric ladies in your life. Shop Suggestion: Charming Charlie

Bold & Beautiful: Beauty products are a great stocking stuffer or main event, with options ranging from basic lip glosses to full makeup kits and gift boxes. It is best to stick to ‘color neutral’ products that work for anybody’s taste and skin tone. Shopping Suggestion: Sephora

Top It Off:’s hats are a one size fit all show stopping gift. With a range of styles and colors to choose from, this present is sure to not disappoint.

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