Guide to Cleaning Your Church Suit by Yourself |

The hassles of buying dry clean only clothing is the need to dry cleaning your clothes after every use. While you might only use our church suits once a week the need for dry cleaning is a necessity. So when purchasing a dry clean only suit you don’t have to stop and think about the prices of dry cleaning every week. Instead, here is a guide to cleaning your church suits by yourself. Dry Cleaning Kit If you have a dry cleaning list every week there is a lot of opportunity for saving money with an at home dry cleaning kit. Most stores will have one for purchase that will give you that dry cleaning feel without the bills. Having a kit that can clean hand washables, delicates and dry clean only clothing you’re going to be saving money in multiple ways. Many cleaning kits are going to have features like cleaning without harsh chemicals that will help you preserve the color and shape of your suits. The dry cleaning kits will also have the power to remove perspiration and odors out of your clothing without having it professional tended too. The power of a dry cleaning kit it the way to do if you are trying to find al alternative to going to the cleaners every week.

Extending the Wear

If you are still looking for ways to save on dry cleaning bills then you can keep your clothing neat and well warn by limiting your wear. Instead of keeping your church suits on all day after church you can instead hang them up immediately after getting home which will preserve your clothing until the next time you wear them. This practice is more common for men who are wearing their suits throughout the week. By keeping them hanging and neat you can reuse your suit pieces throughout the week to limit your dry cleaning load. Storing Your Dry Cleaned Clothes After your clothing has taken a trip to the cleaners, it is important that you hang them up properly to prevent wrinkling or worse, the need to dry-clean them again. All clean clothes should be properly hung up in a closet. If you have no ore use for that particular piece of clothing then placing your church suits or other pieces of clothing in garments bags will help to conserve the cleanliness of the clothing. While owning dry clean only clothing might have been a hassle in the past there are now new ways you can keep you dry cleaning bills down while still getting the same results. By purchasing a do it yourself kit from any home supplies store you’ll be learning how to dry clean on your own. If you are still learning how to dry clean at home it is also important to keep your dry cleaning load to a minimum by keeping your suits clean and limiting their need for cleaning. The benefits of dry cleaning in your own house will also minimize the list of pickups and drop offs you have to make throughout the day. Instead there is a worry free dry cleaning system working inside your own home.

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