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As the name implies, TERRAIN yields a complete palette of saturated earth tones. This season, brown makes a major comeback which is reflected not only with roast, but also in hues like prune and warmer tones like cognac and coppertone. Both camel and toffee are key to the Terrain palette, positioned as influential outerwear colors. Marigold yellow and red rust add a spice component. Greens are also leveraged, from an olive base to light pea.


Olive shifts into a darker shade this season with grey undertones. Olive combinations are best suited next to marigold as an accent or flax as a neutral.


Coppertone offers the richest shade of brown, evolving from lighter copper in recent seasons. A favorite combination fuses coppertone with plum and dark chocolate.


Rust moves away from orange influence and becomes a much more red cast color. Tonal pairings incorporate rust with red orange or cognac.

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