The 6 Latest Designs and Trends for Church Hats

The 6 Latest Designs and Trends for Church Hats

Visiting a church is, undeniably, one of the oldest traditions that people follow. And, the way it goes with social customs, there are always specific rules and regulations to follow, even if you adopt the modern techniques. One such rule that concerns basic social etiquette of visiting the church is that men and women must wear hats when at church. This tradition has found its existence in book 1 of the Corinthians, chapter 11, as you can read in 5-6 verses.

It merely says, “But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonours her head – it is the same as having her head shaved. For if a woman does not cover her head, she might as well have her hair cut off; but if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut off or her head shaved, then she should cover her head.”

When applying this rule to modern days, the invention of stylish church hats has made it easier to attend church in a voguish manner.

So, here are some of the latest designs and trends for church hats that you can consider purchasing.


Ribbons are surely timeless when it’s about Sunday attires as they can be literally found in shoes, dresses, and hats. However, lately, they’ve become one of the stylish things found in a church hat. You can purchase ribbons in every sort of fabric today, be it lace, satin, or cotton. And then, color options are endless as well.

If you want to experiment with patterns, it can be done effortlessly as well. Right from dots to stripes, there are several patterns of ribbons that you can get today. If you’re wearing a hat with ribbon, you can still display a versatile look with a touch of sophistication.


Of course, it’s not about real flowers. Considering that church hats are primarily used in the region of the Southern United States, which is quite hot in temperature, it surely makes sense only to use flowers made of lace or ribbon. With this, you can connect with the amazingness of spring or summer seasons. Not just that, but women would relate to it the most as warm weather and fertility are inter-connected in the catholic region.


If you were living with a perspective that you cannot mix luxury with dignity, you were utterly wrong. One of the latest trends that are becoming extremely popular among upper-class women across the country is having hats studded with precious diamonds, stones, metals and more.

Don’t be shocked, that’s quite true. Denoting elegance and higher-class, this hat type that grabbing the hype quite quick in the current environment. There are innumerable brands out there, designing luxurious and classic church hats and transforming them to give a new meaning altogether. For women, one of the primary reasons to wear hats embellished with diamonds and stones is to signify the god’s richness in their lives.

Asymmetrical designs

Decades and centuries ago, when church hats were initially worn by men and women all around the world, they used to be pretty symmetrical and simple in design. Keeping in mind the limitations that the hat industry had, they were usually made by hand, in small bunches, and didn’t provide an utmost of variety in design.

Earlier, hats were actually restricted to what the development and technology of hat-making procedure could offer. Coming to today, hats can be created in almost any form that can be conceived, thanks to massive factories and uncountable designers as well as brands adopting technological advancements.

Just to introduce a bit of playfulness to church hats without decreasing the characteristic sophistication, brands have started introducing daring appearances and asymmetrical designs that look entirely different when seen from different angles, such as right, left, back or front.


As mentioned above, church hats are not limited to be a part of an outfit or an accessory; they recurrently keep symbolize different things. Since hats are professed as a predominantly spiritual aspect of the church attire; the common belief is that God keeps an eye on everyone in the church from above. Therefore, the foremost thing that he views is the head and the thing that is covering it.

Commonly, feathers are more synthetic and not natural. They are an apparent reference to birds, and birds are adequate to mention when in church. Apart from being a mere representation of life, a dove simply denotes a holy spirit. Thus, if you wear such a church hat that would be adorned by a feather, it would be a fashionable way to honour and symbolize the essential factors of your religion.


In a way, fascinators are very lightweight and fashionable headpieces that get attached to the hair through a band or a clip, although they were earlier taken into consideration as an appropriate church hat alternative. However, modern design has merged both of them to form something new and unique.

Informally, a combination of a regular hat and a fascinator is known as hatinator. It is an accessory that comes with an eccentric and lightweight design, often made out of mesh and lace. They are generally smaller than the diameter of your head. This way, they look more ornamented and quite a little. And, most probably, they are the latest trend in the church hat designs that you can adopt.

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