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First, you will need to look at the fabric or finish of your suit. If the fabric or finish has a satin finish, you may be able to find a matching satin pair, or can buy a white satin pair to be dyed the matching color (many bridal shops offer this service). Avoid shoes with a patent leather or shiny look that would distract from your suit. Suede or suede-like suits look great with a muted leather shoe or a suede fabric as well in another complimentary color, if you're feeling daring and fancy. All other suit finishes including polyester typically look great with a leather, suede or a combination of both fabrics in one shoe.

"But wait, what color tops my outfit off just right??" Well, it goes into the world of complimentary colors and or personal style. The most daring divas don't mind adding a pop of color, like a pair of maroon heels with a navy suit, or purple shoes with a gray suit. But for the rest of us, knowing which colors compliment best will make shoe shopping a breeze. Complementary colors are located directly across from each other on the color wheel. Complementary pairs contrast because they share no common colors. For example, red and green are complements, because green is made of blue and yellow. Complementary colors can appear very exciting and seem increase vibarancy when placed side by side. For the more simple suits, shoes with a pattern and or added details are almost always a great compliment.

Heel Style

Open toe, wedges, stiletto, chunky heel, kitten heel, flats, booties....where to start?! Our suits & church suits all serve a classic length style, so any heel height is appropriate, it just depends on what you're most comfortable with. It is recommended that your shoe has some kind of height, to help accentuate your figure and best display the suit or dress. 4 + inch heels are ideal for skirts or dresses that may be a bit too long, or for the shorter ladies that do not want to have the appearance of 'drowning' in their suit. For cold temperatures, a dressy bootie style shoe or a mid to tall suede boot is a great way to serve style even in the frigid air. Basket weave wedges for example are great for springy dresses and linen finish suits. It really comes down to one's personal flare and sense of style. gives you the pallet with our suits to add and create with!

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